Evolution: Making Sense of Life 2nd Edition eBook

  • Authors: Carl Zimmer, Douglas J. Emlen
  • File Size: 58 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 1356 pages
  • Publisher: W. H. Freeman; 2nd edition
  • Publication Date: July 13, 2015
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1936221551
  • ISBN-13: 9781936221554

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evolution: making sense of life 2nd edition ebook 

evolution: making sense of life 2nd edition ebook Science writer Carl Zimmer and evolutionary biologist Douglas Emlen have produced a thoroughly revised brand new edition of their widely praised evolution etextbook. Emlen, an award-winning evolutionary biologist at the University of Montana, has infused Evolution Making Sense of Life 2nd edition PDF with the technical rigor and conceptual depth that today’s biology majors require. Zimmer, an award-winning New York Times columnist, brings compelling storytelling to the ebook, bringing evolutionary research to life. College students will learn the fundamental concepts of evolutionary theory, such as natural selection, phylogeny, genetic drift, and coevolution. The ebook also drives home the relevance of evolution for disciplines ranging from medicine to conservation biology. With riveting stories about evolutionary biologists at work everywhere from the Arctic to tropical rainforests to hospital wards, the ebook is a reading adventure designed to grab the imagination of university and college students, showing them exactly why it is that evolution makes such brilliant sense of life.

evolution making sense of life reviews :

Zimmer is the master of taking current primary literature and making it come alive.” – Mathew J. Miller, Villanova University

I think my college students will be genuinely more at ease with their reading assignments and more able to assimilate and retain information from this textbook. The authors use their expert narrative skills to focus on the big conceptual ideas, which is what matters most in my students’ long-term education.” – Bronwyn H. Bleakley, Stonehill College

Exciting is a word not often used to describe a new textbook. But by using beautiful images, powerful examples, and finely wrought prose, Zimmer and Emlen have produced an ebook that not only conveys the explanatory power of evolution but is also permeated with the joy of doing science. Their textbook can only be described as an exciting moment for our field: it is an important accomplishment for our university students and for evolutionary biology at large.” – Neil Shubin, University of Chicago

evolution making sense of life textbook Contents:

1. The Whale and the Virus: How Scientists Study Evolution

2. From Natural Philosophy to Darwin: A Brief History of Evolutionary Ideas

3. What the Rocks Say: How Geology and Paleontology Reveal the History of Life

4. The Tree of Life: How Biologists Use Phylogeny to Reconstruct the Deep Past

5. Raw Material: Heritable Variation among Individuals

6. The Ways of Change: Drift and Selection

7. Beyond Alleles: Quantitative Genetics and the Evolution of Phenotypes

8. Natural Selection: Empirical Studies in the Wild

9. The History in Our Genes

10. Adaptation: From Genes to Traits

11. Sex: Causes and Consequences

12. After Conception: The Evolution of Life History and Parental Care

13. The Origin of Species

14. Macroevolution: The Long Run

15. Intimate Partnership: How Species Adapt to Each Other

16. Minds and Microbes: The Evolution of Behavior

17. Human Evolution: A New Kind of Ape

18. Evolutionary Medicine

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